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What’s the last message you sent?

I have a hyper active brain, which sometimes make it a bit difficult to switch off at night. And also causes to have the weirdest dreams and wake up with random thoughts.

So I woke up today with this thought:

What’s the last message or last memory you have of people in your life? And if you were not to see them or see you again, is that the last message or memory you want to remember them by?

This reminded me of an episode of HIMYM, when Marshall’s dad died unexpectedly. And when he listened to his dad’s last message to him it was a pocket dial. So Marshall got very upset and felt it was very unfair his dad’s last message was just a pocket dial.

But when his dad realised he called him by mistake, he joked about it, then told Marshall that he enjoyed his visit earlier, and finally told him “I love you.” — then immediately asked for his foot cream as his rash had started to act up again.

See, that’s a beautiful last message.

For most of the people I thought about the last memory is a happy or funny one, and the last message might have been silly but sweet.

But not for everyone that came up to my mind.

So from now on, I’ll make sure that will not happen again.

Enjoy the sunshine! Love you all x


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