A quick message before I go (love and goodbyes)…

Hi all!

God I missed sitting down writing!

I feel emotional right now because I am going home for 2.5 WEEKS!! I haven’t had such a long holiday for a while… And last time I went home for that long I didn’t really want to come back I ended up staying for 3 weeks (thank you again Chris, best manager ever!)!

And this time it will be even more special (most of you know why), I am so excited I might burst!!!!!!!

I feel the need to say goodbye to everyone for some reason…

I am going to miss a LOT of people, a lot of you lovely people reading this at this very moment. My choir families, workplace (Louise, ‘I don’t give a f***’, lol) and SingNow (love you all, Claire ‘badday’ haha xx!), my colleagues (all the fun and laughs, and I know you’ll miss me, it will be too quiet without me around, Donna you are a legend!) and of course my friends, older and people I got to know better lately (don’t forget to smile 🙂 ).  I will miss our daily chats, last minute plans, Sunday Jams, all the fun and laughs… And most of all my partner in crime Shebz! I love you so much hun, I wish I could take you with me! Remember #fakeittillyoumakeit x

I mentioned it a lot of times but I feel incredibly lucky to have amazing people in my life.

For those I haven’t had the chance to  give a cookie-who doesn’t love some chocolate!- and say goodbye in person today, I am sending you a big big hug.

I am closing this post with the song that always marks my visits back home, the song which always reminds me of the Cyprus sun, culture and love, the song I sing with my sisters and friends, the song that I never get bored of, the song I listen to when I wanna feel loved and safe because it reminds me of my special ones, the song I dance to whilst walking to and from home. (I’ve done a quick translation ages ago for non-Greek speakers, because the lyrics are just beautiful- and a friend asked me what the lyrics meant, I remember Jack!) epimoni translation

I can’t wait to experience that feeling of excitement and nervousness when I get to the airport, one of my favourite places!

I am coming home!!!!!!’Ερχομαι!!!!!!!!!

See you all sooner or later!

Love you all! x


Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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