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Sun, Frappe and Cake Friday

Happy Friday!

Last weekend of August and only 12 days until I meet my best friends and soulmates, my sisters in Italy. I cannot even put in words how much I look forward to it.

And today couldn’t get any better. Sunny and warm. The best start to the weekend!

I felt a bit homesick in the morning, daydreaming of sunny breakfast next to the sea, but had a great time enjoying frappe (it wasn’t the same but close enough) with friends in the sunshine at lunchtime, treated to Lemon Drizzle Cake (thank you Sati!), new music on Spotify (love New Music Friday)-I heavily dislike the new Taylor Swift song, love JP Cooper’s Wait–  and I’m having a relaxing pizza and Friends Friday evening.

I love pizza Fridays, one of the few traditions I kept for years.

I won’t blog for the next couple of days as I will be volunteering for Southampton Pride tomorrow and singing with SingForce for Summer in the Square on Sunday. Come and say hello if you are around Guildhall. I’d love to catch up or meet you if we haven’t met yet 🙂

I will post all about it on Monday!

Happy Bank Holiday!



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