Last day of summer.

I can’t believe is the last day of August already.

This summer went fast but felt painfully slow at times.

I went home for 10 days, I climbed Snowdonia for a local charity, Solent Graduation, theatre nights, 31 Yoga RevolutionSouthampton Pride, and Summer in the Square were some of the highlights (check my homepage for much more).

But it’s been rough at times.

Most people enjoy routine. I get bored. Every couple of days I change my route from and to work. I try to do something differently every day so one day doesn’t feel exactly the same as the last one. I’d do much more if I could afford it.

And is no secret I’m in desperate need of career change. I love Solent, I love my colleagues but what I do day to day is brain numbing. My mind craves for more.

But it’s not that easy to move on. I cannot just leave. At the end of the day it all comes down to money. Yes, money doesn’t bring happiness. But is the means to an end.

I cannot just quit and get experience in a brand new career path without taking a hit financially, a hit I can’t afford right now. And I don’t know exactly what I want to do next.

I love Social Media, creativity, I love writing, I love interacting with people, talking to people, helping in the community, I love being out and about and not behind a desk all day. But I have no ‘professional’ experience in any of these.

I do these at my free time or through volunteering for events through work. I make zero profit from any. I only do them because I enjoy it.

I’m no professional singer, or guitar player, restaurant reviewer, book reviewer or social media manager (I spent an unhealthy amount of time on Instagram checking out places, interior decoration and food, lots of food). And I’m no professional blogger. That’s why I haven’t blogged since Monday. I only blog when I feel inspired or want to share something. And any shops, brands or services I happen to mention it’s because I genuinely like them.

Anyway that’s my situation. But  I started to think that maybe…

Everything is as it should be.

Because it motivates me, it pushes me to make changes. And at the same time not rush into things just for the sake of it.

Because being in this position right now got me into Yoga that is now part of my daily routine and never fails to give my brain a break. It led me to learn more on Digital Marketing, I had one of the most motivating conversations on LinkedIn (thank you for the Irish Luck sent over!), inspiring conversations at the park with strangers, it pushed me to be more open and try things, it made me a better person.

And I have high hopes for September.

After my week in Italy and Friendsfest (I cannot wait!!!!) I’ll try my best to make more changes.

For now, I take every day as it comes. It is quite rare that a whole day will be bad. There are always small beautiful moments even on a crappy day.

And today is payday!!!

I already ordered my absolute favourite perfume, Roses de Chloe,  that reminds me of hot summers in Cyprus when I used to spray grandma Stella’s face with rose water (I was looking for this perfume for a while and only found it early this year), I’ve done all my holiday essentials shopping, getting a new book and got my Jaba hug 🙂

Today was a good day.

And everything is as it should be. For now.




Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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