Friendsfest with great friends

I didn’t watch Friends when it was first shown back in 1994. I got into it years later, in 2008, when I first moved to Southampton and was desperately looking for a job, and as any recent graduate I struggled.

I spent a lot of time at home composing cover letters and filling in countless applications and watching Friends was one of the very few things that made me forget my troubles and have a laugh.

And I’ve been watching it since. I used to watch more TV 3-4 years ago but I now only keep up with a couple of TV series, except Friends which I love to watch every evening with my tea.

I absolutely love this show and even though I’ve seen each episode a hundreds of times, it still helps me unwind and never fails to cheer me up. So going to Friendsfest has been on my bucketlist for a while.

The first time I tried to get tickets it was sold out but last February, as soon as the tickets went on sale I bought some for myself and my lovely colleagues and friends who are also big Friends fans, Andi and Syed. Andi is a walking Friends wiki and we often randomly quiz each other and send memes to make each other laugh.

Fast forward to about a week ago, Friday 15th of September, the Friendsfest day finally arrived!

On the morning  we were about to take the train to London, the Parsons Green explosion took place. I had friends and family messaging me worried about our upcoming London trip and although I was a bit worried too, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. That’s what terrorism is all about isn’t it? To terrify you to the degree that interrupts your plans and your life.

So on that morning, Andi and I caught the London Waterloo train. The sun was shining and we were super excited but also checking the news for updates. We made it to Waterloo and when we got into the tube I was a little unsettled but it was actually a quiet and smooth ride.

We met Londoner Syed who drove us to Clissold park where Friendfest was set, in his impressive car.

And there we were!! Before I continue I’d like to thank Syed who took most of the photos, you are the best photographer (although your awesome phone camera helped a little).

After a quick wander around, we re-created the opening scene and then popped into Central Perk.


Phoebe’s infamous cab was parked just outside Central Perk.


After a short break at the main stage where some of the best Friends scenes were shown

Outdoors Friends cinema

it was time for our greatly anticipated tour to the original set of Chandler and Joey’s and Monica’s apartments.

The first part of the tour was an exhibition of some of the most iconic Friends props, from Monica’s wedding ring and Joey’s London map to Ross’s leather pants!


We then went through into Chandler and Joey’s apartment. It felt pretty amazing to sit on the chairs my favourite characters used to sit and hug Hugsy.


After going through the hallway

The hallway
Where’s the cheesecake?

we were finally in Monica’s apartment. My favourite. If I had my own place that’s how it would look like. Cute and cosy.

How incredible it was to rest on the same chair they did, look out across the window Rachel did when she broke up with Ross and sit in the kitchen they used to hang out for 10 years.


After the tour we popped in the Las Vegas chapel where Ross and Rachel got married and then re-created Monica and Rachel’s prom night!


After a snack, hot choc and Ross and Monica’s dance routine demonstration we got our Friends memorabilia from the shop. I now have my Friends t-shirt and my ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ fridge magnet.

Afterwards, Syed drove us around in central London and we had delicious Persian food, tea and shisha at the Little Persia restaurant on Queensway.


What a great day with lovely Friends!

If you are a Friends fan, I definitely recommend Friendsfest. It takes about 2-3 hours to see and experience everything on offer, so you can enjoy the rest of the day in London.

Thank you to my lovely friends Andi and Syed again for Friendsfest and a great day in the capital.



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