The perfect end to a not so great week.

Happy Sunday!  Today the first thing I saw when I woke up was tens of pictures of friends and family sent by my sisters and my cousin. They all got together for my aunt’s annual memorial service. These are the little moments I miss and really wished I was there for. The family gatherings.

Anyway, I’m getting off track already.

I realised I haven’t posted since Tuesday, World Mental Health Day. On Tuesday morning I popped to the Spark (our posh teaching building) to check out the stalls set up to celebrate this special day and that was one of my week’s highlights. I spent hours after that blowing bubbles in the office with the little bubble blower I was given, which is awesome for stress relief, and I made Matt blow some for me whilst trying to take a photo. No matter how tough work can get, we still have fun!

It’s been a rough week for many of us. Almost everyone I talked to struggled this past week.

And I struggled too. My godmother who’s also my aunt, is still at hospital, I still have this weird toothache which was supposed to go away by now because the dentist couldn’t see anything wrong but is still driving me crazy, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since last Saturday, work has been challenging to say the least and the whole week has been emotional, for reasons I cannot talk about just yet, but I’ll post when I can.

When Friday finally arrived, I was happy, relieved, almost ecstatic the week was almost over. The lovely Helen had planned a night out with a group of my favourite colleagues and friends and it could not come at a better time.

I felt extremely tired towards the end of the day  and I thought it might have been better to just go home and lie down but I really wanted to have a couple of drinks and a laugh with friends.

So right after work I met Chris, Louise and Geraldine with the gorgeous 3 month old Emilia and we headed to the pub for drinks until the rest of the gang arrived. After a couple of hours of chatting, letting it all out and laughing, it was time for dinner.

I was not hungry to begin with after my enormous lunch with my bestie at my all time favourite place in the town centre, Halladay’s tearooms, to celebrate the World Egg Day (not that we needed an excuse), but alcohol makes you hungry.

Eggs Florentine
Eggs Florentine and Teapigs chocolate flake tea

We went to Wahaca for dinner and we absolutely loved it!

I’ve been there once before with my lovely friend Sofy, (with whom I’ll try the Scandinavian cuisine at the Kupp this coming week, I can’t wait!) and I looked forward to visiting again so I could try more of their dishes.

This time I had the Roast Chilli quesadilla and I know that the clue is in the name, but it had SO MUCH chilli in it, I had to take some out but I still enjoyed it. I also tried their Devon Crab tostadas which was delicious and tasted some of Jaba’s chorizo and potato quesadilla, the chicken enchilladas and rice and beans. Everything tasted fresh and yummy.

After the feast I couldn’t possibly have any room for dessert, although I love a pudding but Chris suggested sharing some and we had the Mexican flan. It was light and fluffy, a lighter version of Creme Brulee. And I also tried Louise’s churros and chocolate, match made in heaven!

I’d definitely recommend Wahaca. One of the few chain restaurants I genuinely like. Delicious food, reasonable prices, lovely atmosphere, urban but homely vibes, great cocktails (my Hibiscus margarita was very strong but equally tasty), fast service and super friendly staff. Thank you to Patricia, our lovely waitress for teaching me how to pronounce margarita in Spanish, which coincidentally is the same in Greek, I had no idea!


I came home tired but happy and grateful I for a lovely evening with awesome people and great food. Big thank you to the awesome Helen for organising this.

I can still hear Jaba in my head shouting Wahaca!

So here’s to Monday. May everyone’s week is better than the last.




Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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