A taste of Scandinavia in Southampton

Happy Friday!

The weekend is finally here. It’s been a busy week but a very interesting one. I’m super excited for my upcoming blogs and I can’t wait to share with everyone what I’ve been up to.

But today is all about Kupp, the new Scandinavian restaurant in Southampton.

I’ve only tried Scandinavian food once, when my lovely old colleague Lilian who is originally from Finland invited us over for dinner a while ago. I don’t remember much from that night but I remember her impressive sandwich tower and that most of the dishes were cold ones.

I’ve been meaning to try Kupp for a couple of months now as it had really good reviews and I love trying different cuisines and last night I finally made it with my lovely friend Sofy.

I loved the decoration and open plan, spacious vibe.

Kupp Southampton
Kupp Southampton

We went for the Kupp Smörgåsbord, a sharing board for two which included smoked pork meatballs (cured and hot smoked over oak and apple wood, served with their secret recipe beer sauce), chorizo sausage rolls (we swapped the potted rabbit for a second roll as neither of us felt right eating rabbit), carpaccio of hot smoked venison, Västerbotten cheese, potato salad, pickled vegetables, Spidskål (scandi slaw), mustard mayo, Leksands knäcke crispbread and toasted sourdough.


Everything tasted delicious. We both absolutely loved the smoked meatballs, I’ve dipped all my bread in the amazing sauce, the cheese that was similar to Pecorino cheese but softer and a bit less salty was amazing and I never thought I’d enjoy picked vegetables that much but the combination of flavours of their hot and cold dishes put together just worked.

The sharing board was enough for two, we couldn’t even finish it! I could not not try their puddings. It was hard to choose between the toasted banana bread with cinnamon ice cream and blossom honey, their white chocolate and Pepparkakor (Gingersnaps biscuit) cheesecake and their other delicious desserts on offer but I had to go for the Aquavit Poached Apricot and chocolate trifle with Cloudberry cream (cloudberries are considered  a delicacy in Scandinavia, I’ve never heard of them) and toasted hazelnuts and it did not disappoint!

Aquavit Poached Apricot and Chocolate Cake Trifle
Aquavit Poached Apricot and Chocolate Cake Trifle

The chocolate cake sweetness, the light, fluffy cream, the warmth of the toasted hazelnuts and the light sour kick of the apricot combination was amazing. I struggled but I finished it!

Great food, lovely atmosphere, good prices and fast and friendly service. I’m definitely going back for more. I would recommend it to anyone who fancies trying something new and different. It has my seal of approval!

It’s making me hungry just looking at the pictures from yesterday. Off to get some dinner!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!






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