Blogmas day 1

Happy December!

Christmas can officially begin. I’m in great mood the last few days. The next couple of weeks will be busy but amazing with lots of food, friends and laughter! And…

I’m going home in less than three weeks! And after that I’m coming back to sort my life out. But for now I’ll enjoy this month to the very last minute.

This is the first ever time I’m attempting Blogmas and I’m not following any rules, there is no specific theme other than Christmas. I thought what I would do is write whatever I feel like for the next 25 days and see what it comes out. I hope I can post every day until Christmas!

Terrifying but also incredibly exhilarating. God I love writing.

The festivities started yesterday! I got paid so the first thing I did was to order a cute Christmas tree for my cosy little home (more on that on the ‘decorating the Christmas tree’ day) and of course a new Christmas jumper (I get one every year, more on that on Christmas Jumper Day).

We also made our Secret Santa draw for our work Christmas dinner, so I dag out my favourite, soft, fluffy, luxurious Santa hat I had for years and put all the names in for everyone to pick. I can’t believe who I drew, but I can’t say, shhh… It will all be revealed on the 20th…

Secret Santa draw

I spent lunch catching up with my lovely friend Olga who I haven’t seen for a while since she moved to a different job chatting about Christmas, life, our goals and dreams for 2018.

I had a lovely, fun evening at Southampton Christmas market with my awesome friend Sofy, enjoying a hot dog and Amaretto hot choc, talking about the most random things, music, travelling, how I fall in love with smells. And voices. I almost told someone earlier at the coffee shop that I loved his voice. But I didn’t.

Southampton Christmas market

I couldn’t sleep so I bought most of the Christmas gifts I wanted to, which got me even more excited!

Today, I wore my Santa hat all morning whilst interviewing Matt for our AS newsletter and I loved all the compliments (for the hat, not Matt).  Ian Harris, the Head of Quality Management co-incidentally walked in wearing a festive Music Snowman tie. He is planning to wear a different festive tie until we close for Christmas. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Suzanne (the boss) was being grumpy about Christmas (‘Oh is too early, it’s still the first of December’- I omitted any swear words she might have used) so Matt put Dominick the Donkey on and I swayed along. It’s been a fun morning!

Santa Hat Selfie

I went into town at lunchtime to get Advent Calendars for selected few colleagues and myself but they were all sold out 😦

After some afternoon shopping I’m now resting with pizza and Friends, my favourite kind of Friday. I had my first personal training session on Wednesday and I loved it but I’m now aching so I definitely need to recharge my batteries before the next session on Monday (I’ll tell you all about it next time).

So here’s to the weekend. It’s gonna be a good one!







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