Blogmas day 3- Etsy festive market and tea and cake with friends.

Day three of Blogmas…

I don’t usually get up early on Sundays, but the first ever local Etsy festive market was taking place at Mettricks at 11am and I really wanted to get there early, grab a goody bag and check the stalls out before it got too busy.

So Shebz and I were meeting Barbara at Mettricks at 11, but when we got there, there was already a long queue of ladies, children and men who you could see in their faces they’d rather be anywhere else, but that’s what love makes you do I guess!

I must admit, I queued for a gig, at the tube, at the airport but never outside a cafe, let alone Mettricks that feels like second home, I’m there most days. So there I was, at 11am on a Sunday, queuing outside my second home. Who would have thought!

The staff at Mettricks were lovely though and we ordered our coffees whilst queuing outside, so as soon as we got in, they were ready to collect.

It was extremely busy and there wasn’t much room to spend a lot of time at each stall but the actual fair was lovely and so very pretty. Cards, crafts, jewellery, knitwear, pinatas. The photos speak for themselves.


My favourites were Sprig knitwear, Tumble and Rose’s jewellery and Katie Moody’s cards but everything was just beautiful, even their business cards! Thank you to the organisers for a great event and for bringing something different in Southampton. I’m sure it will be even bigger and better next year.

Southampton Etsy

I could not not tell the lovely man next to the first stall we had a look at that I loved his accent. We all had a chuckle.

On my way out I fell in love with the cutest, sweetest little dog, who let me cuddle her and gracefully posed for me. Look at her sweet, friendly eyes.


We planned to stay at Mettricks for another cup of coffee and cake as lovely Sophia, a work friend who recently moved to London was also there and another friend was on their way but there was no space so we popped to Coffeelab.

We shared a slice of an amazing, creamy, festive Chocolate cake accompanied by tea. I went for my favourite tea at Coffeelab and probably my favourite tea of all, Amaretti.


At that moment I realised that this is probably the last time that the three of us will be together.

Barbara and Sheba

My best friend, my third sister, my partner in crime, Sheba, is leaving Southampton for good in a month to explore the world and Barbara will at some point move back home to be with her family. And I, well I don’t know if I’ll stay in Southampton. I’ve been saying for a long time that I need to find a job I enjoy and even if that doesn’t happen soon, I’m definitely leaving my current job for something different the first chance I get. Wherever that takes me.

I consider my self superbly lucky and blessed for a fun, beautiful, special day I’l always remember.





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