Blogmas day 6- Legs and decs

I’m currently sitting on my sofa, legs stretched out. I can barely feel them, but I can definitely feel the pain when I have to climb even the smallest step. I’m sure strangers on the street noticed my funny walk on the way home as I couldn’t bend my knees. I had a laugh looking at the expression on their faces.

I just came home after my PT session. On Monday after all the fun, cheese and mulled cider I couldn’t possibly exercise afterwards. Well I could, but I would have probably thrown up. I’m glad I re-scheduled it for today! I was tempted to re-arrange again because I had an unbelievable amount of chocolate the last two days that made me feel really heavy and sleepy after the sugar rush and I got sore throat but I knew I shouldn’t.

It was a tough session but I’m proud of myself for making it until the end. I can’t believe I managed to push 59 kg with my legs, that’s heavier than myself!!! Apparently some have already dropped out, but I’m determined not to. Fingers crossed. Sam is such a great trainer, he pushes me when he has to but he swiftly moves to another exercise when I struggle. Having the gym to ourselves with my own music on makes such a difference!

At lunchtime I got some desk Christmas decs. The miniature Christmas tree looks perfect next to my miniature Elsa (I still love Kinder eggs, hence all the random toys on my desk).

Sheba managed to find two advent calendars for herself and me yesterday and I’m really happy we can keep our annual tradition going, even for the last time!

I spent a lot of time on Spareroom over the last couple of days. It’s unbelievably difficult to make a decision but going for my first viewing tomorrow…

But first… I can’t wait for the Christmas Spectacular at Bedford Place.

Now time for dinner, rest and music. Today I’ve discovered this beauty that hit home, Forgotten How to Fly by Clay.  I fall in love with music over and over every single day… I’ll leave you with that.





Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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