Blogmas Day 8- Thank God is Friday

I can’t even describe how happy I am that Friday has finally arrived.

It’s been a long, uneventful day. Other than some crumpets that mysteriously disappeared from the toaster…

At lunchtime I met my lovely new friend Charlie for a cuppa and a chat. It’s pretty amazing when you make new friends you get along from day one.

Oh if you are wondering how my first viewing went last night…

It was alright. Sort of.

The flat looked great on paper (online). Professional photos with stylish furniture, 2-bed flat so only one person to share the communal areas with, it seemed clean and well maintained and it’s on Northlands road, one of my favourite areas in town.

I asked Shebz to come along. I felt a bit nervous and I didn’t know what to ask and what to pay attention to.

As soon as I walked in, I introduced myself but the owner never revealed his name. At any point. Weird right? Apparently a friend put the ad on Spareroom for him… the whole thing seemed bizarre.

The flat looked nice. But not as nice as the pictures. The pictures were taken off the sale ad a year ago. The furniture and decoration belonged to the previous guy.

The owner was OK. He asked weird questions but I guess he was overwhelmed by the random questions and quirkiness of people viewing his flat over the last month or so. I don’t know how I came across!

I can’t say much more, as I respect his privacy. We had a good chat though and if we end up living together it won’t be that bad.

I’m going for another viewing in the next couple of days. 2-bed flat again, a guy flatmate again, but in a different area, close to Ocean Village, closer to work than any place I’ve ever lived. After my first viewing yesterday I feel more confident, although I still don’t know  how to decide which stranger I’d want to live with. It will always be a gamble.

It might not be a big deal for others, but it is for me. I never lived with complete strangers, it’s exciting but scary!

Anyway, I’m now sat on my sofa, having my Friday pizza and after that I’m doing some Christmas gift wrapping as I was so incredibly tired yesterday after I went home so I didn’t do any. My flat is a mess to say the least, full of boxes and packets.

Selfie mess

Here’s to the weekend.




Author: Eleni

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