Blogmas day 16- The Christmas party

My feet hurt. A lot. But all worth it.

Last night the Solent annual Christmas party took place at the Spark. The usual gang and I look forward to every year. It’s always good fun. And this year was more special than others.

It was my bestie’s last Christmas party as she is going away in less than a month and I’m hoping it was my last one. Shebz and I had amazing adventures, pleasant and unpleasant surprises, countless stories. We danced, we drank, we laughed, we cried. She’s been my partner in crime for over two years now and there are not enough words to describe how incredibly grateful I am to have this person in my life.

Some of our fondest memories are from the Solent Christmas party and last night we created even more with some of our favourite people.

One of the night’s highlights was our impromptu Shut up and Dance singing whilst waiting to take a snap in the photo booth with the Staff Choir peeps.

Staff Choir

A big thank you to the Solent Conference Centre staff for their amazing work, organising, decorating and service. I wish I worked in a similar job, what a lovely feeling it must be to see people’s smiles and enjoyment after spending endless hours to prepare everything so they’ll have an amazing time.

Shout out to two of my favourite ladies, Helen and Lou and Finance Genius and all round cool guy Jamie from the Solent Staff Scene who organised our beautiful party.


Thank you for all the compliments on my hair and outfit! Hair was done by my lovely stylist Vicki at Haringtons on Bedford place and the dress, which I absolutely loved and swirled and merrily danced in it all night feeling like a princess is from Boohoo.

After a bit of rest I’ll be heading to Guildhall Square around 5pm, to join my SingNow friends for some festive singing, supporting a great cause, the Rose Road Association. If you are about come over for a sing along. Come say hi!



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