Blogmas day 24- Donkey milk chocolate and embroidery art at Lefkara

Merry Christmas eve!

I just came back home from a morning excursion at the Cypriot picturesque village of Lefkara (followed by a trip to the cinema to finally see Paddington 2, it was a-we-some).

Lefkara is one of the most iconic villages of Cyprus, infamous for its traditional stone houses and its embroidery art, Lefkaritika or Lefkara lace.

I haven’t been since I was a child, on a primary school day trip and I really wanted to the last couple of years. Now I’m older and wiser and I can appreciate the history, the importance and the beauty of it all, I like to go back to places I’ve been when I was younger.

And today was the day!

After a short beautiful drive through the Larnaka mountains we walked towards the city centre.

the Zenonos ladies

The first shop we came across with traditional embroidery we went in to get some memorabilia and I got to chat to the friendly owner who was born and raised in Liverpool. My instant joy to hear English again after only three days of being back home, (it felt much longer), caught me by surprise. I guess I missed my other home more than I thought I did.

But I soon got distracted by my surroundings.

Harry and Maria’s shop was incredible, it was like walking into a museum.

We then popped to the organic store next door with products I’ve never knew existed such as honey infused soap, carob coffee and chocolate made of donkey milk!

donkey milk chocolate

We got lost in the graphic stone-paved alleys…

and made our way into a warm, cosy restaurant. Their food was amazing but unfortunately I forgot to take any photos. The lovely owner after complimenting them on their fresh traditional bread and halloumi explained their main suppliers are local producers, supporting each other whilst making fresh, delicious food.

wood-burning stove

I can’t wait to visit again in the summer, when most of the shops will be open and buzzing with local and foreign tourists.

One more sleep until Christmas!



Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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