Falling in love with London again- Covent Garden

Friday afternoon, 18th of May

I just left work and I’m on my way to Gatwick. This time I’m not flying anywhere. I’m picking Artemis, one of my best friends, from the airport. I haven’t picked up anyone from the airport for years. The last time was probably my sisters back in 2015…

I love airports. People coming, going, family and friends re-uniting. It always reminds me the Love Actually opening scene. Maybe one day I’ll get to work here, I thought. I tweet about it and the lovely girl running the Gatwick airport Twitter feed recommends checking the airport’s vacancies page. I smile, maybe…, why not?



I love flying to Cyprus, my sisters waiting for me on the other side. I’m always emotional when I come back home, but I sometimes get a bit more teary when I walk out knowing there’s no one on the other side. It’s silly, but I sometimes just want to stand outside arrivals and hug people coming back on their own with no one waiting for them. Three guys actually did at San Francisco airport a while ago. 

Now here I am, waiting for my best friend to arrive. We haven’t had a holiday together for years and we are spending the next three days in London, just the two of us.

After checking in at our hotel we had a quick Nandos dinner and went to bed early-ish to rest before our first full day out.


Sunny, glorious Saturday morning

After breakfast we get ready to go out. I love being away with her. There is no rush or urgency, we get ready at the same time, laughing, chatting.

Our first stop: Covent Garden.

I fell in love with Covent Garden from the very first time I visited years ago and I pop by any opportunity I get.  Music, performers, great shops, stalls with unique art and crafts, delicious food. And it looks even more gorgeous in the sunshine.


After enjoying listening to this incredible tenor singing at the main hall we wandered in the shops. We tried the tea and the hot chocolate samples at Whittard’s (their new Rose tea is divine) and we’ve seen two Nigerian acrobats entertain the crowds.

We then popped to the Jubilee market to have a browse. Homemade candles, incredible paintings, funky sunglasses and whatever else you can imagine.

We then sat outside in the sun listening to a busker, enjoying the sunshine, oh the sunshine, and people-watching.

Next stop: The Novello theatre…



Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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