Blogmas day 2- the Etsy festive market

Sunday 2nd of December

Today it’s all about the Etsy Local Festive market. I love everything handmade, personalised, unique, creative and to have all the local creative talent under one roof is pretty special.

It’s the second year it’s been running and though I loved the first one, the venue was way too small and couldn’t spend much time on each stall. I hate it when others are behind me waiting, especially knowing there was a queue outside.

But this year it was held at the Spark, our University’s enormous posh modern establishment and I looked forward to it.

After my morning coffee, I sometimes wonder what I’d do with out it, I can’t function, I can’t speak to another human being until I had a sip at least, I got ready. 

I felt like doing something different with my hair, I was aiming for wavy and ended up curly, not sure I liked it, but I never seem to get it right, maybe cause I don’t practise enough. Any advice ladies and gents would be very much appreciated!

And of course I couldn’t not wear another Christmas jumper. For the last 4-5 years I’ve started a few Christmas traditions I maybe one day will pass on to my family, if I ever have one, or inspire others to do something similar. One of them is to buy a new Christmas jumper every year. I threw away one or two, they reminded me of a darker time in my life I don’t need a reminder for but I have already a collection of 3-4. I can’t wait to get one for this year.

After a short stroll through the buzzing with people, Christmas music and beautiful smells city centre I made it to the Spark.

It was busy but there was plenty of space to browse each stall and I have made a couple of purchases. I’m trying hard not to overspend but it’s not easy, especially when it comes to handmade, just beautiful creations.  And there was plenty. Hats, scarves, pins, cards, jewellery, candles and much much more..

I only took a couple of snaps…

And by far my favourite stall, though you may think I’m biased since I know Susan through work, was this. Have a look yourself. And if you want to see more this is her Insta page

I’ve known Susan for years but I somehow never knew she makes such beautiful creations.  I’m always amazed when I discover something new about people, even more so when I see them every day. It just goes to show what a difference it makes when we stop for a moment in our busy lives to have a chat with friends, colleagues, even strangers.

Hope Susan doesn’t mind me mentioning a little anecdote she shared with me today. She doesn’t use her car often but today was one of the few time she needed it. And unfortunately she had a flat tire. Rebecca, a colleague I’ve known for a couple of years, offered to give her a lift and helped her unload her goodies at the Uni. Human kindness at its best. Rebecca is another lovely human I didn’t have the chance to get to know better, and she is leaving Southampton at the end of the week, but this is just an example of how many great humans live amongst us and that’s one of the reasons I still work at Solent. The people. 

Another Christmas tradition I started a few years ago is getting a new unique, handmade ornament for the Christmas tree every year. I’m hoping one day to fill the Christmas tree with special decorations I accumulated over the years, each with a story to tell. 

As soon as I saw this on Susan’s stall, I knew I had to have it. So here it is, this year’s Christmas ornament. I absolutely love it.

Tomorrow’s blog might be a bit late or I might post something shorter, as I’ll be at my last Touch event for 2018, this time at Hythe. If you are around and fancy listening to incredible, inspiring stories of every day people, you can grab a free ticket here

Now time for dinner and get organised for next week. I need a Christmas tree, I still have to get Christmas gifts for the family and still haven’t sorted my outfit for the Christmas party!



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