Blogmas day 4- the Healthy Lunch

I follow a relatively healthy diet when I don’t eat out, but I always struggle around the Christmas period. 

The amount of temptation is doubled and tripled as soon as December kicks in and I’m not good at resisting. Chocolate, cakes, mince pies, not the biggest fan of mince pies but it’s really tough saying no to chocolate and I’m out most of the time catching up with friends over lunch, dinner, festive drink etc before I go home for Christmas where I don’t even think about trying to be good.

And of course there’s Christmas dinner, the Christmas party, Christmas drinks. 

Which is lovely. But it can become expensive and overwhelming It already is for me. My anxiety is over the roof and I find that the less healthy I eat, the worse I feel. And I haven’t practised my yoga for days, which has made it even worse.

So I’m trying hard to resist to temptations until at least the 14th of December, the Christmas party day,- who doesn’t want to look good in their fancy dress?- and then completely surrender.  

And what a perfect opportunity to stick to healthy eating with a free make-your-own-healthy-lunch workshop by the lovely Dr Ali Hill, our BSc (Hons) Applied Human Nutrition course leader. 

I loved the previous two workshops, the healthy breakfast banana pancakes and the courgette and carrot chocolate muffins, both finger-licking (though the fire-alarm in the midst of baking the muffins caused them to deflate, what were the chances!, but they still tasted amazing), so when Sarah informed me there was a another workshop, this time making a healthy pot noodle, I didn’t think twice to sign up.

It’s not just about learning new skills and coming up with new breakfast and lunch ideas, which is a big deal for me as I get bored if I keep having the same food all the time, but it’s also fun and I get to meet and have a laugh with colleagues across the University.

And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. I’ve learned some new knife skills, I laughed a lot and I had a delicious, easy to make healthy lunch.

Working at Solent does have its perks!

Thank you again to Dr Ali for another fun, creative, educational session.



Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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