Blogmas day 5- Christmas preparations

Yesterday I got an email from Easyjet. Check in for my flight back home on the 21st, which is LESS THAN THREE WEEKS, has now opened.

It suddenly hit me. I was excited and terrified in equal measure. Excited that I’m going home very soon, terrified I don’t have enough time to prepare for Christmas.

I still need to decorate my flat, I still have to get all the Christmas gifts for the family back home and a few special people here in Southampton and I have very few evenings free until the 21st. So what do I do?

PANIC! That was my immediate reaction.

OK, breathe.

First things first, I checked in. I don’t normally do it that early but I needed some cheering. And I got a window seat. At least something is going right.

Next up was sorting out the work Christmas lunch. I’ve been the unofficial Christmas do organiser for the last three years but this year felt like mission impossible.  Although I’ve been  Monica, super efficient, set up a Google survey with possible dates, restaurants and their Christmas menus (for some of which I contacted the restaurants and asked for a copy of their festive menus since they hadn’t published them then, I’m that efficient) but there was not a single date that most people could do. 

So, I lost my mojo once again. It happens often lately. 

But we finally agreed to do lunch on our last working day with whoever is around. Restaurant booked-this year we are going for a different option, a Phuket festive tapas menu at Mango, I can’t wait!- deposit finally paid today after an unsuccessful attempt over the phone yesterday and I arranged Secret Santa, sort of. As every year I put everyone’s name in a Santa hat and went around to see everyone.

How unlucky am I for my name to be left last in the Santa hat and for me to draw it? 

I set it up online instead and hoping it will work! 

Tonight is the only free night I have until the weekend, so after a much needed Yoga With Adriene session, it’s time for Christmas Friends (is the holiday Armadilloooo), digging out all the Christmas decorations in preparation for tomorrow when my 6 feet (1.80m for my Cypriot friends) arrives (I might have not this through, not sure it will fit anywhere in the living room) and some online Christmas shopping.


How are your preparations going? 




Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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