Thankmas: Blogmas with a twist (Day One: thank you mum and dad)

It’s officially the first of December.

I don’t feel as Christmas-sy as other years (this time last year I was getting all festive!), perhaps because I had no time to get a tree, decorate, I didn’t even have time to go for pi-pi at times or maybe it’s because is still sunny and 20 degrees at Reggio, but I’m desperate to get into the spirit and I’d love more than anything to do Blogmas again.

Realistically though, Blogmas is time consuming and I struggled when I had free time, let alone now so I thought What can I do every day until Christmas that doesn’t take much time?’

And out of a sudden a lightbulb moment:

‘I can do Thankmas instead, post about one thing I’m thankful for every day until Christmas, something I’m grateful about these last 12 months. There’s so much negativity, evil and sadness in this world, we sometimes forget how beautiful life can be and miss out on… living. Maybe if I remind myself what I’m thankful for and how weirdly wonderful life can be, it will bring some much needed light into my life. What a better way to say goodbye to 2019’.

It could be anything. A person, an experience, a book, a pet, a song, anything 2019 brought me. Maybe it will inspire others to do the same, who knows!

And here it is. I’m going to keep it short as my free time is running out (even on a Sunday).

On Day One I’d like to thank my parents for their endless love and support, particularly in 2019, when I decided to leave my well-paid job meaning I wouldn’t be able to support them financially for a while, even when I was being awfully grumpy and irritated with everything during my time back in Cyprus. Something they did very recently really got me and reminded me again how amazing parents are, especially mine.

EFL teaching jobs don’t pay particularly well in Europe so to avoid any unnecessary expenses I asked my mum a week ago to send me a couple of my clothes and a chocolate orange. Her and my dad arranged to not just buy, pack and send me everything I needed but of course they went over and beyond. A parcel arrived two days ago (just five days later) full of treats. I nearly cried. Love you mum. Love you dad.

How lucky am I to have such love and caring parents.



Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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