Thankmas Day Two: Thank you Anna and Stella, my sisters, my best friends,my soulmates

A cold day, around mid January 2019,

I was at the office working on a dull spreadsheet and I suddenly had an idea. An idea for a Youtube channel, but I would need to be in Cyprus for it, that’s where it should start from. Perhaps I can do a little bit every time I visit?

That’s how it all started about a year ago.

I immediately messaged both my sisters. They were the first people I told about it. They were the first to know when I shortly afterwards decided to quit my job, do the CELTA and then move back to Cyprus for a few months. They were the first I asked the opinion of and they were the first that forced me to think before I took any radical changes. They supported me from day one. They always do. Although I’m the eldest and I sometimes treat them like they are my children, I worry and care about them but I also trust them with my life, they are my comfort, my best friends, my soulmates, two of the very few people I can be myself with.

I know many people that are not that close to their siblings, they chat every now and then, they don’t share much. Not us. We chat all the time, we do things together, we are in each other’s life even though I’ve been living miles apart for years now.

So today’s Thankmas is dedicated to my two sisters Anna and Stella. Thank you for support me from the very beginning, when I first made the decision to leave the UK after 10 years. It’s been hard, terrifying at times, especially during my last month in Southampton and the month long CELTA drama when my anxiety levels reached new highs I could barely eat. My sisters were there for me, checking up on me, cheering me on. They believed in me even when I stopped believing in myself.

Thank you Stella and Anna, arfoui mou, mikro mou, for all your help, support, encouragement and endless love.

I love you to bits and I can’t imagine life without you two in it, everything is more fun with you, holidays are funnier, food tastes better, even when we are just watching a movie together in the living room, having silly arguments, lots of snacks and laughter to the point I almost pee myself, life is simply better with you.

I’m incredibly lucky and blessed to have you two as my sisters.


(PS: My Youtube idea hasn’t materialised yet but as a colleague reminded me last week, ‘You can still do it, can’t you?’ You are absolutely right Suzanne, of course I can, I don’t know why I thought I couldn’t).


Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

2 thoughts on “Thankmas Day Two: Thank you Anna and Stella, my sisters, my best friends,my soulmates”

  1. It’s great reading your ‘thanksmas’ tale. You are surely blessed to have such a close sibling bond with your sisters.


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