Thankmas Day Six: Thank you Yoga with Adriene

Two and a half years ago, on a warm July afternoon I decided to follow the link my bestie sent me, the first day of a Youtube ’31 day yoga revolution‘ programme with a ‘fun, funny, amazing gal’ and her doggie. Shebs had been doing the daily sessions for about two weeks and loving them. She talked with such an enthusiasm about Adriene I had to give it a ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I never sticked to anything for a whole month and though I tried yoga before online and in a class, the instructors never inspired me, but I loved this so much I made sure I practised every single day. Every day had a different theme, duration and aim but they were all connected plus Adriene is hilarious and I had a laugh (and sometimes a cry when some of the sessions became too emotional).

I cried on the last session. I couldn’t believe that within just a month I not only felt the best I ever felt physically and emotionally but for the first time ever I accepted and loved myself for what I am, with all my imperfections and I learned to love and look after myself, something I struggled with for years.

After the 31 day programme was over I followed the monthly calendar playlists Adriene puts together with older videos as well as new sessions until life got in the way again and I practised less and less. Although I don’t practise every day I go back to it every month be it for a day or a week and it’s one of my remedies, one of my favourite ‘me time‘ activities, my body and mind crave for it if I don’t.

I talked to all my friends, even strangers about Adriene and her Youtube channel, I wrote about it on here several times, I recommended it and would recommend it to anyone. Free Yoga with an awesome lady and an awesome community. To know, especially in January when Adriene posts her 30 day Yoga videos once a day, that at the same time I practise, thousands of people around the world practise as well, makes it incredibly special, I feel part of a huge family.

Every time anxiety or depression got the better of me, and this year it happened a lot with all the huge decisions I forced myself to take, I returned to the mat, and on those days, that 10, 20 or 30 minute video was the only time my mind managed to relax and not worry about a thing.

Ever since I started teaching full time I had no free time to do much but since the first of December I’m back on my daily sessions. I have to wake up earlier than normal which means longer days but it’s all worth it.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be so calm and composed with everything that happened and still going on if it wasn’t for Yoga with Adriene. I would have broken down by now.

I love this lady (and Benji), with her smile, charisma, witty humour and her genuine love for real yoga, connecting the body and the spirit rather than ‘getting the poses right’, she made me love yoga and because of her yoga will always be part of my life.

So thank you Adriene, the awesome in me bows to the awesome in you.

I can’t wait for January’s 30 day Yoga!




Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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