Mental Health Mondays – 16. What you resist persists.

Ever since my ex-employer called me in their office and announced to me, with no previous warning, that he wouldn’t require my services anymore for now (the unfairness of this still frustrates me, after everything I put up with, but I’m proud I stood up for myself and I didn’t compromise my quality of work and reputation, and that became blindingly obvious after the lovely feedback I got from people I worked with in the last six months), I’ve been ruminating not only on how and why I was fired and on what to do next, and most days I feel overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with anxiety, frustration, and worry about my finances, on what the best step to move towards what I really want to do as a career and make mental health and wellbeing an essential element of every workplace (Work as a freelance, do another masters, go for a PhD, focus more on research or training? The options are endless.) whilst also trying to navigate the ever so slow and bureaucreatic (and racist) Cyprus system on everything. It takes ages for anything to get done or to find any specific laws or legislations ( the majority of Cypriot government pages include the least amount of information necessary, mainly in Greek!!), from unemployment allowance request to be processed, to finding out how to set up a business, being a freelancer, getting a tax number, sorting out anything legal related to my husband who doesn’t happen to be Cypriot or European. It’s a minefield!

But neither the unfairness of the way I was let go from my job, nor complaining about everything will get me far. What you resist, persists. I can’t win every little battle, so I need to let some things go.

Sometimes we have to be like the water, go around those boulders in the river instead of pushing against them, as a wise woman once advised me and some of my powerhouse of friends.

So I focus on taking it a day at a time and believe that things will just work out. In the meantime I try to enjoy the here and now, my morning runs, my morning yoga, my time with friends, family and loved ones, and be as productive as I can be.




Author: Eleni

HE support staff/Mental Health Advocate/ Blogger/ Foodie/ Amateur guitarist/ Love singing/ In love with my home island, Cyprus.

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