Blogmas Day 14- Christmas Jumper Day

Happy Christmas Jumper Day! 

The Christmas Jumper I ordered for 2018 has not arrived yet, so I put on the one with the most sentimental value for me, the one my sisters bought and sent me years ago, the one I wear on my flight home for Christmas, the one we all have and wear together every year. God I love my sisters.

Now time to have a break and later on today it’s time for one of my favourite Christmas shenanigans, the annual staff Christmas party. Jaba already put me in great mood with a pre-lunch glass of Prosecco. Love you!



Blogmas day 9- The Christmas Tree

Oh the Christmas tree…

How much prettier and cosier it transforms the living room into, in an instant. I wish I could keep it up all year around.

I love the Christmas tree and everything that comes with it. The decorations, the lights, the unique ornaments, the gifts under it.

After I moved on my own, for the last three years I’ve decorated the tree with my bestie, Shebs who unfortunately is not around this time so my lovely friend Sukes offered to come and help. 

I couldn’t wait since the tree arrived on Friday. Since I now live in a much larger flat I couldn’t not get a bigger and more grandiose tree.

So today as soon as I woke up I put one of my Christmas jumpers on -Olaf!- ,my favourite luxurious Santa hat and put on a Spotify Christmas list. 

We decorated, sang along to Christmas music and had tea and chocolate, a wonderful Sunday afternoon. 

We did a brilliant job, the tree looks amazing!  I need a few more decorations and a fluffy rug (which I just ordered) and then I won’t want to leave my living room ever again.

I’d love to get a real one at some point, I’m sure it will happen one day. But I’m pretty happy with this gorgeous one for now.


Blogmas day 15- Christmas jumper day

Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

I get a new Christmas jumper every year for the last 3-4 years. I just love them. I want my children and grandchildren if I ever have any to have a collection of mum’s and granny’s Christmas jumpers.

Today was a good day. It was fun, we had a laugh admiring each other’s Christmas jumpers and we had lots of chocolate and other festive treats.

It was lovely to see my old colleague Jo who dropped in with her adorable three year old. She smiled at me and gave me a hug as soon as she saw me. I don’t know why, but I get along with babies and children much better than adults!

Now it’s time to get ready for our last Solent Christmas party. All my favourites except my dear Andi will be there, I love you Andi! it’s bound to be a good night.

I’m leaving you with my favourite jumpers of the day, Mike’s Stranger Things (my favourite out of all I’ve seen today) and A101’s  jingling office elves (although Rob looks more like a thug, Rob the Robber). I hope we raised a decent amount of money for Save the Children.