Blogmas day 12- Pampering

Sometimes you just need a break to breathe and look after yourself.

After a hectic couple of weeks last night I had a whole night to myself. Not quite sure how that happened, but I’m so happy it did.

I had a healthy vegetable and tuna dinner and a long, hot shower before I settled in the living room.

I watched back to back Friends episodes whilst I treated myself to a Boots Rooibos beauty mask (which made me look ridiculous but my skin felt great after that), painted my nails and I spent an unhealthy amount of time staring at my beautiful Christmas tree. Still can’t believe how great it looks.

A quiet, relaxing evening. Ahhh, just perfect.



Blogmas day 9- The Christmas Tree

Oh the Christmas tree…

How much prettier and cosier it transforms the living room into, in an instant. I wish I could keep it up all year around.

I love the Christmas tree and everything that comes with it. The decorations, the lights, the unique ornaments, the gifts under it.

After I moved on my own, for the last three years I’ve decorated the tree with my bestie, Shebs who unfortunately is not around this time so my lovely friend Sukes offered to come and help. 

I couldn’t wait since the tree arrived on Friday. Since I now live in a much larger flat I couldn’t not get a bigger and more grandiose tree.

So today as soon as I woke up I put one of my Christmas jumpers on -Olaf!- ,my favourite luxurious Santa hat and put on a Spotify Christmas list. 

We decorated, sang along to Christmas music and had tea and chocolate, a wonderful Sunday afternoon. 

We did a brilliant job, the tree looks amazing!  I need a few more decorations and a fluffy rug (which I just ordered) and then I won’t want to leave my living room ever again.

I’d love to get a real one at some point, I’m sure it will happen one day. But I’m pretty happy with this gorgeous one for now.


Blogmas day 1- Christmas Tree of Light in Woolston

Happy First of December!

Christmas is officially here. Well, I’ve been watching Christmas films and looking for Christmas gifts for weeks but now we finally reached December, I can fully embrace Christmas.

I’ve been contemplating whether to do Blogmas this year. I did it for the first time last year and it was great but became exhausting towards the end. But since I loved writing every day in the buildup to Christmas, I’ll give it a go.

So here it is. Day one. 

Saturday, 1st of December

I woke up early for a Saturday, but I finally felt rested, after a busy week. I had a coffee, replied to my messages, put the Christmas channel on and snuggled on the sofa.

I was tempted to stay at home watching Christmas films all day, since it’s been grim, and raining all morning, but one of the great charities I volunteer for, Communicare were to light their annual Tree of Light, for which you can sponsor a light in memory of loved ones and special causes and I offered to help out on the day.

So I got ready, I put my Christmas jumper on (first time this year!) and headed to Woolston for the very first time. A day of firsts…

I can’t believe I lived in Southampton for almost ten years and I’ve never been to Woolston before. I drove over the bridge, but I’ve never actually walked on it. 

As soon as I arrived bubbles and snow (artificial as I found out a second later) were falling on me. I didn’t expect that. For a moment it just felt magical.

After about half an hour admiring the views and a brief wander at the Woolston Christmas festival, I made it to St Mark’s Institute. I covered our stand briefly and then headed outside for the Tree of Light switch on and to hand out some leaflets. The Local Choir Rising stars sang beautiful Christmas carols and then the Mayor of Southampton councillor Barnes-Andrews switched the lights on. What a lovely ceremony.  

Everyone, grown ups and children singing along, enjoying the Christmas festivities, it was just wonderful. And I got to meet great humans once again. A district nurse working across Southampton, a lovely old lady running bereavement groups in Southampton and Fareham and a sweet, elder couple amongst others.

One of the highlights was seeing the lovely Bob I met at the Communicare Vintage and Craft fair who told me all about Woolston’s history, how the area has changed since Vosper Thornycroft, the war shipbuilding company closed down its shipyard at River Itchen. That’s why I love humans. I learn so much from others. Thank you Bob!

On my way back I stopped on the bridge to take a snap of the gorgeous water views. Breathtaking isn’t it?

A great start to December and Christmas. Now, time for another Christmas movie and some chocolate.


Blogmas day 5- Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Day 5…

I have no idea how it’s  9pm  already…

Have you ever had one of those days you don’t know what’s happening, what time it is and your mind keeps getting lost in random thoughts? It’s been a while since the last time that happened.

Morning went really fast, it’s been busy at work. I finally managed to finish off and publish the fee regulations and fees table (for now). Rob, we made it!

At lunchtime it was singing time with some of my favourite people at work and of course the gorgeous Dan, who always smells amazing and gives the best hugs.

We finally started Christmas songs. I’m still humming along to Santa Claus is Coming To Town!

In the afternoon, a group of colleagues got together to take a festive photo around our Christmas tree, you’ll find out why soon! For now, look how cheery and happy we all look like! Thank you Peter for the lovely photo.

AS christmas photo

The afternoon flew by and after my yoga ( I missed a couple of sessions and I felt guilty as hell) it was time for Sheba and I to decorate my little Christmas tree!

We had chocolates, pop corn, Christmas songs, Santa hats, the whole lot.

We couldn’t get the Christmas lights to work to begin with, and as the amateur electricians we are, we managed to change the fuse (for the first time ever!). But, that was not the issue. So we started checking all the bulbs and one of them was missing. The joy in our faces after we replaced it and the lights suddenly lit up was priceless! A little Christmas miracle.

We laughed, we danced, we sang. I love this girl so much, whatever we do, even at our worst times we always have a laugh.

Christmas tree 2017

Now time for a Christmas movie. It’s been a bizarre day again. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. A special thank you to Denise for reminding me to chase my dreams. Love you!