I started this blog in February 2016. I was going through big life changes and a ‘turning 30’ life crisis a couple of months before the big day and I wanted to start a blog years ago but never had the confidence. ‘What will you even write about’ my ex would often say.

But I was single, almost thirty, hurt and going through grief and I decided to give it a go. I wanted to share with everyone all the lessons I learnt and still learning from my experience on this planet so far and as it turned out writing is one of the few things that help me get by, one of my remedies, my self-therapy techniques. That’s how it started originally, with ‘Lessons I learned before I turn 30’although it ended up much broader and bigger and I decided to re-name it Eleni’s world although I’m not sure I want to keep this name. I still post on what I learn through life but also about anything that inspires me.

I have quit my job and got CELTA qualified to teach English and travel. I have and will be posting more my journey in teaching English as a foreign language.

I’m a foodie (inevitable since my dad and my sister are chefs and us Cypriots love our food) so food features a lot in my blogs.

I’m very passionate about mental health, a subject close to my heart and I regularly blog on that.

I’m in love with my home island Cyprus and it very often features on my blog, from sightseeing to food to culture to holiday ideas.

Music is my medicine and songs regularly make it into my blogs, whatever the theme.

I love travelling although I can’t afford to do it often, but whenever I do, a special travel blog is always up (featured image is from my favourite trip to Florence).

It’s been a hell of a journey but sharing my thoughts, lessons and experiences has been deeply therapeutic for me. I enjoy writing and hopefully I’ll keep blogging for years and years.

Through my blog I want to inspire and help others. So if you fancy writing something, I can feature for you on my page. Just give me a shout.




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