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Last two weeks, one word MENTAL!

WOW. What two weeks they’ve been! I’d love to post more often but I’ve been crazily busy. I will try to make a bit more time and post more often ’cause I really enjoy it and I want to avoid long posts like this one! Soz!

I realise I shared a lot about my past on this blog, because I felt the need to. It helped me immensely  in so many different ways I already mentioned before, I won’t repeat myself, so I don’t regret it.

But then I haven’t really shared much about what’s happening now other than what I learned and only about events most of you already know about. I guess I feel the need to keep a lot of it private for many different reasons I won’t get into now (but will explain another time!).

So what I learned the last two weeks??

First, life can get VERY surreal! I had to go through a similar situation I did 5 months ago, which felt so bizarre on so many different levels. Talking about dejavu!!! But I coped so much better this time, I am so proud of myself 🙂 So lesson number 1: Expect the unexpected!!! I want to say again how much I love my colleagues, they are such wonderful, supportive people. I feel very lucky to work with such an amazing bunch of peeps for however long.

Second, it mind sound a bit cocky but sometimes we forget because of negativity, rejection, daily frustration or whatever reason, how amazing we are. Some people think that noone is special, but we consider some people special for us. I’d like to think the other way around. We are all special in our own quirky way, some people see it, some don’t!  A friend of mine recently found a poem I wrote to her for her birthday when we were 17! I won’t share it because I want to keep it for us, but it was a bloody good one for a 17 year old even if I say so myself! I have no recollection of writing it but it was definitely my handwriting. How cool is that? (well I think it’s cool!)

Lesson numero 3: The person I am today is not the person I was yesterday. I am definitely not the person I was a week ago, a month ago or 5 months ago or a year ago. We learn every day and we change every day and I love the person I am today!

Today I’ve heard this song on the radio. The singer (first time I’ve heard of her, she is pretty cool with a very unique voice! Her name is Nao, check her out, that’s one of the things I did today, totally worth it!) explained that this song for her is not just about relationships, but about her insecurities and telling them to go away! And that’s how I interpret it! I hope you like it!


What I also learned (well, reminded) that age is just a number! I might be 30 in a couple of weeks time but I don’t really feel old or that I have to conform to any social norms or do anything I don’t want to, or don’t do things I really want to just because ‘I’m 30’. Being told recently by a much younger, hot guy  that he thought I was cool definitely made my evening! I used to be awful at accepting compliments but now I enjoy every single one!

And I love to compliment others. Just to see the joy in their face makes me so happy! I complimented a colleague on their new beard look and it was totally worth it when I saw the big grin on his face. Little moments like that definitely add up and make a day more amazing!

I’ve been told a couple of days ago that the average age of women having children is 32! Pfff. So what? Let’s be honest. I’m 30 and single, it’s highly unlikely that I will have children in 2 years time! Not that I don’t think it’s possible, but I am not in any rush. And what I really need right now is having fun and that’s what I am doing. Life is too short!!

I recently watched a video on social media and the message was: “No matter what stage they are in life, people shouldn’t stop dreaming, they should thrive on…” And it’s so so true! We grow every single day until we die and it’s sad how we sometimes forget about our dreams and desires.

If you fancy learning to play the drums, or be a football coach, well go for it, it doesn’t matter how old you are, remember, age is just a number! There is nothing to stop you! When you are 50 or 60 or 90, you won’t remember the time you got a new job or a salary rise and it won’t matter how much money you got. You will remember all the moments you had fun, all the moments you spent doing things you enjoyed, especially those ones when one of your dreams became a reality, and all the moments you spent with your special ones, family, friends. So follow your dreams! That’s what life is all about!

Now my final message for today (which deliberately mentioned a couple of times on this post)! Enjoy every little moment!! You might have noticed by now that I get excited and happy with little things so….

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU ARE WATCHING GAME OF THRONES!! I am SOOOO happy Jon Snow is alive!!!! I never believed that was the end for him! I know it’s a TV show blah blah blah but well I enjoy every little thing in life, so I was so damn happy about it!!


I have very busy couple of weeks, so I won’t be able to blog until the 15th of May (possibly!). I will try my best though to maybe blog a shorter post sometime next week until then.

Love you all! x

Don’t forget to smile 😉






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