Blogmas Day 9- The gift of giving

It’s almost five o’clock and it’s already dark.

I don’t know where the day went.

I woke up early for a Saturday. After a cuppa, I cleaned up the flat, I wrapped most of the Christmas gifts and Skyped the family (whilst wearing my new heels for the Christmas party next Friday so they don’t hurt as much on the day, they look ridiculous with my pjs on, but they are gorgeous!) as today is my little sis nameday. I cannot wait to spend Christmas with my favourite people in the whole wide world.

I love gifts. I love the expressions on others’ faces when they open them and I’ve decided long time ago to go for sentimental, meaningful presents.

Speaking of gifts my colleagues and I are putting together care packages for the homeless and gathering all of them at the office for collection or if not possible a lovely colleague offered to give me a lift to the nearest church. If you work at Solent, or even if you don’t and you want to prepare one, you can drop it at mine’s or at the University and I’ll add it to the rest. Already 10 of us is doing it, the more we can get the merrier.

I want to include a hot drinks/food voucher in my box, but I’d prefer it if it was from a local coffeeshop and I’ve already messaged a couple but if you know any they offer vouchers I can buy, let me know!

Christmas gifts
Christmas gifts

My legs still ache and I haven’t managed to do any Yoga since Tuesday. I feel terrible. I let Blogmas, PT sessions, social obligations and the cold to win. But I’m back on it tomorrow.

Now time for quick dinner before I get to Chris’s first ever (since I’ve known him) housewarming do!!!! For those who know Chris, this is a big deal. This is the event we’ll be waiting for, for years.

I don’t know if him promising me £8,000 if he doesn’t have a housewarming do before Christmas on a night out a while ago, had anything to do with it, but either way I’m excited.

And I can’t wait for all to see what I got him for his new home. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever purchased. I’ll share a photo tomorrow, I don’t want to spoil it in case he reads this beforehand.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking part in something superbly exciting, I can’t say what yet, and then on to meet my potential new flatmate.

I’ll tell you all about it on Blogmas Day 10. We are getting closer!




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